Nick Sings! (2004)

In improvisation the human releases himself and in such times every utterance, every yolp, clammer [sic?] or micropause can represent the very deepest fibre of his Being.

(Pilfer & Steele, 'Coition and Condition', Philosophy Inside and Outside, 1946)

The above rubric is so pertinent to these recordings by Nick ('The Voice') that I felt compelled to begin with it.

Following are the fruits of a desultory session on which I strummed chords while Nick remembered or dreamed up melodies and lyrics.

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Nick takes some delightful liberties with Porter's lyrics. (For what woman could refuse a man who offers his services as a "Stepford man"?)

Nick's Blues (Down in the Hole)

The tone becomes rather more seedy here. Carpe diem indeed.

A Better Man

Here we see a more reflective Nick. Lyrical gems include

I don't wanna work from nine to five:
I don't wanna work at all.

Nick here articulates with his typical candour our universal fears.

It's unalloyed joy to argue with Nick, partly because with little or no help from his interlocutors, he always ends up disagreeing with himself. Such will be the content of my next post.