Nick H. (2) Nick On...

Further musings on contemporary culture. (For Part I, go here...)

You might consider them outtakes, but only insomuch as

The outtake often reveals more about the artist and his wandering genius than the polished product.
(Pilfer & Steele, 'Coition and Condition', Philosophy Inside and Outside, 1946)

Technically they are inchoate, without the implications of hollowness. These are very unhollow thoughts. To make it clearer: I love each and every word.

The Trees... and the Leaves

Nick's judgement: "slightly upbeat Simon and Garfunkel".


Nick defines range.


Nick: "I was trying to write a lyric about work.. again."

The Mood in the Bookshop

Nick: "I've told you about that time I was in that second-hand bookshop?"

That's What They Need to Become

Nick: "They're good lines..."


Nick: "Shiftwork is essentially funny...The blues is funny, but it isn't funny doing it."

Time is What We All Need

Nick: "You needed to get out of Ipswich."